Monday, July 6, 2009

Ajanta Tigers vs Indirapuram Titans

"On friday evening, the stage was set for a Titanic battle between the Titans and the Tigers.
Ajanta Tigers were all charged and fired up for the gruelling contest between the champion sides. On the other hand, Indirapuram Titans led by skipper Kshitij though slightly fatigued by their long journey were up to the challenge of facing the tigers.

At 17:45 hrs, finally the whistle blew and the battle began. Indirapuram Titans took home an early advantage by scoring the 1st goal of the match when Prajuwal sent one on flying past the diving goal-keeper of the Tigers. Ajanta Tigers were quick to follow equalizing soon... but the titans pulled up their socks and were back in the game. Thanks to a wonderful goal scored by ________ to gain the upper hand at half time with score reading 2-1 in favor of Titans.
Tigers came back strongly in the second half to level the score 2-2. This time it was Aashish who converted a good ball for the tigers.
Further drama unfolded on the pitch when guests started having their share of injuries on the field. The titans were taken back when their skipper Kshitij got hurt and had to be taken off the field for treatment. Clearly the visitors were under great pressure, but showed great spirit and managed to keep the tigers attack at bay.
Their spirit were further strengthened when the skipper made a miraculous comeback to the field which helped the guest team scoring a late goal and clinch the match.

The man of the match was awarded to the right winger from the visiting team i.e. Vyom Sinha who made most of the successful moves for their strikers and showed a beautiful and skillful game.
But credit should also be given to the coaches and parents who turned up in large number to give their full support and make the match feel special to all the players."

Match summery:

Ajanta Tigers Indirapuram Titans
Goals: 2 3
Scorer: Jatin 15'' and Aashish 40'' Prajuwal 10'' 58'', Khitij 27''
Man of the match: Vyom (Indirapuram Titans)

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