Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ajanta triumphs in style

Date : 2009-05-18

Monday 18th May, 2009 was a big day for wizom football academy as its Gurgaon team i.e. Ajanta Tigers emerged out as the new talent and new threat for other center too as they took on Ahlcon Bulls.
The tie between Ajanta Tigers and Ahlcon Bulls ended as an unexpected and shocking result, as the hosts Ajanta Tigers defeated the guests 7-2. It was completely the game of the hosts.

Jatin Arora and Neeraj Chawla were the two heros this great win. Jatin scored the first goal in 12th and scored two more in 26th and 57th minutes showing a beautiful and skillful game. Neeraj joined Jatin as the scorer in the second half as he scored in 45th and 51st minutes. The other scorer from the hosts was Ajay as he scored in 71st minute.
Although it was one sided game but some how the guests managed scoring two goals. These were by Shantam in 53rd and in 65th minutes by Chetan. It was a watchable game as all tigers were showing spirit of football and proved again that football is a team game.
On winning the first game against an experienced opponent, the winning captain thanks the team mates and said it was a team win as every player played sensibly and tried their best.

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