Monday, July 6, 2009

Ajanta Vs ASN junior Match

Date : 2009-06-03

"The match began with Ajanta Tigers starting off as the clear favourite who were playing at this home ground, but the early goal scored by Saksham in 18th minute after the whistle turned the match on its head and set off a dramatic sequence of event to follow.

Ajanta Tigers were further humbled when Pradeep struck another blow for ASN in the 23rd minute. Tigers finally got a breather when Ritik scored a goal just before half to end the first half at 2-1. As the match started after 10 minute break and lot of discussion in the dressing rooms of both the team, the host managed to equalize the score in 34th minute when Bharat stroke in opponents' goal post and thereby eased the tension in the hosts' team.
At this point of time match started in more excitement and team mates and the audiences felt heat of the match. NowTigers were looking more confident and comfirtable with thier game. Their spirit were further strenghthen by a third consecutive strike just got-in striker Neeraj on a free-kick. This free kick was such a beautiful and well executed strike that it was considered as the moment of the match. Momemtum was clearly swinging the Ajanta way and very soon they extended their lead to 4-2 and again it came from wonderful playerfrom the hosts i.e. Ritik's feet.
Riding o a 4-2 lead, the Tigers seemed to relax and made some crucial substitutions which fell into guests' favour. ASN Devils took full advantage of it in the form of double strike by Vivek in the 56th and 70th minutes. This double strike helped the guests to manage to finish the match in a draw, therefore the final score of the match was 4-4 on the last whistle.
Inspite of the result, football emerged as the sole winner in this nerve wrecking battle."

Match summery:
Final score: 4-4
Man of the match: Ritik from Ajanta Tigers

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