Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Billabong Football Academy Vs Indirapuram Football

Date : 2009-04-27

Date : 2009-04-27

A match Held between the Billabong Public School and Indirapuram Football academy At Billabong ground. The captain of Billabong Football Academy and Indirapuram football academy was Mr. Sikhar and Mr. Kshitiz. This match is officiating by our coach Rupesh sir, and the Indirapuram school is won this match by 4-0. The details of Match is given below.

Total goal from Indirapuram Public School

Mr. Rajat Rawat - 2 Goal

Mr. Kshitiz - 2 Goal

Man of the match : Mr. Rajat Rawat(Indirapuram Public School).

Rising Star of the Match : Mr. Mridul(Billabong Hight International School)

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