Sunday, May 3, 2009

4th Last day of college life

Today is 27Th April 2009,
This is my 4th last day of college life.
today is external viva of our Major project, i made this project with Rohan and sudeep, the topic of our Major project is " Automated Electricity gen ration bill"
we have not made this project, we have just take this project from some one, so we are very dare hue , our external name is mr. chandra, he is very intelligent person. so i reach college at 10 AM in the morning, this time rohan and sudeep is not in colge, he is going to Our Mentor Miss Shalu for signature in our Hard Bind Copy. so as soon as he come to college we all are waiting for our viva chance, as soon as chance is come , we was enter in the room and as i tell u we are very dare hue , so we site in from of mr. chandra and then he ask to very simple Q like " water meter kiske naam hota hain", if " makan malik mar jayaga toh kya hoga" " yadi koi kirayadeaar aata hain toh kya hoga" " tumne ye sab implement kiya hain " den we say no sir , we forgot to implement this, so he said that " toh kuch puchne layak nhi bacha then we say sorry and then he say okie you go,
then we all are very happy because he was not asked any technical Question den we will go to metro with rohan bus
thanks its also a beautiful day for me

Ankur Garg

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