Sunday, May 3, 2009

3rd Last Day of College Life

Today is 30 April 2009,
This day is my 3rd Last day of college,
today is my external viva of ERP Lab, this day is not good with me , today i have promise with Akash that i will go to his home for some work, den i late in ERP lab today , as soon as enter in the lab i ask the teacher for sheet and give attendence and i got 1+3 program
1 program is to explain behavior of ERP and NOR erp commercialaiztion
2. to implement banker algorithim.
as all known i don know any thing about any Question.
so i have to do cheating. so i try to copied the code from the file in computer and external teacher found me to do cheat and he said to this write on a paper and i hv written and handle over mr. alok sir he said me to go from the lab i said sorry,but he still say to go out from the lab,
after that i go to out from the hall, then i waited for some time and say sory to sir again
and then i came to home again

Its okie okie day for me

Ankur Garg

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