Monday, October 18, 2010

Oracle Develper 2000/D2k/10g Basics tutorial

Form Builder

1. Minimum component required to develop a module is
• Window
• Canvas
• Block
• Item
Window:- this forms object is used to provide physical support to canvas.
Canvas :- this is used to provide physical support to item.
Item:- this is used to accept value from user at run time.
Some of the GUI item are Text Box, Button, Radio Button, Check Box

• This is a collection of item and it does not any physical significance. Block always have logically significance.
• There are two type of block DB block and control block

Imp Point.
1 to follow the value of any item of any block use
2. to refer to any item of block , user block name.itemname/
3. to take cursor to any item at run time user go_item(‘’);
4. to clear block user clear_block;

some of the system defined built ins are.
1. go_item(‘item name’);
2. go_block(‘block name’);
3. go_record(‘’);
4. next_item
5. next_block
6. next_record;
7. previous_item
8. previous_block
9. previous_record
10. clear_block
11. clear_item
12. clear_record
13. clear_form
14. execute_query
15. last_record

Object Navigator has two view i.e

1. Ownership view :-
It show the relationship between block and item.
2. physical view :-
it shows the relation between window, canvass and item.
Items are linked to a canvas through its properties.
Canvas is linked to window through properties.

Base table Block

1. This block is associated with a DB object like table,view,procedure.
2. based table block can be created in two ways i.e through wizard, and through manually

Through the wizard.
1. Create a block through object navigator.
2. Select wizard from dialog box.
3. Keep on clicking on next button till the time you get finish button.
4. Save, compile and run the report.

1. use the runtime menu option and toolbar option to do DML operation on a base table block.
2. Some of imp. Menu option are query menu, record menu, block menu.

code for + button when-button-pressed
:ankur.result := :ankur.result_no1 + :ankur:result_no_2;

Code for – button when button pressed

:ankur.result := :ankur.result_no1 - :ankur:result_no_2;

Code for * button when button pressed

:ankur.result := :ankur.result_no1 * :ankur:result_no_2;

Code for / button when button pressed

:ankur.result := :ankur.result_no1 / :ankur:result_no_2;

How to create a base table block manually

1. crate a block
2. select the option manual from the new block dialog box and say ok
3. in the layout editor, place the items in the block by selecting the block name from list box for block on top right of canvas.
4. in the property of block mention , Name, Datasource type(table), insert/update/delete/query/allowing (yes/no),
5. Now in the property of items mention Name,Data type, Size Colum name,

Control block

1. this is not associated with any DB object
It is used for following purposes (Calculator, Button to do some action.)

Crate a Control block.
1. create a block.
2. in the prop of block (named blocks (no))
3. place items in the block and make required changed in the property of items
Some of the builtin are



  1. how we can create alerts in d2k and also tell me if you can how to call a form from another form.....

  2. Please go through my other posting.
    you will get anser

    Ankur GArg

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  4. this blog is helping me alot in clarifying all queries
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  5. Hi ...

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    Mohd Fazil Ahmed.

  6. Hi Mohd,

    Both tool have its own advantage.

    we can develop any type of application using d2k both web and standalone every thing is depend on your requirment.

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