Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sale Dekho A good website in market

Sale Dekho

Well, when we surf the web, we come across websites that literally bug us.. with pop-ups, flashy ads, unwanted urls which we tend to click on and, to our frustration, be redirected to another page..
I was browsing through SaleDekho.com.. and here is what I liked about the site..
1. No congestion - unlike some other website which have cramped up pages.. tonnes of info packed into tiny pixels of the page, SaleDekho is refreshingly light.
2. Easy search options - here the users can search on various parameters, namely, by store, by brand, by product, by city and more.
3. Information not easily available otherwise is made available on SaleDekho. Trust me, you dont find these offers in newspapers or hoardings. So that tells me about the database SaleDekho has, not to mention the search which find the right offers you are looking for.
4. It does not push information to you. No irritating pop-ups, no flasy ads, no disguised urls. You choose what you want to use. And its all there. I liked the experience of browsing through the website. I'd say they have kept it simple.. for good.
5. Unlike some other websites, they are not luring you to buy through the website. No coupons download required.. no mandatory registrations, no user accounts. Simple right information about our favorite brands and that too of sales and discounts offers.

Well let me use their motto and offer you a discount on this blog.. i'll cut it short :)
But you guys post what you feel while using this website.. awaiting your comments..

So Visit this web site

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