Friday, March 26, 2010

About offers, and offers - Sale Dekho

You'd be happy to note that, using the SaleDekho database, you can search for products from across 9000 dealers. Imagine the power, dear user, to be able to seamlessly look for your favorite products from among that many providers!

But wait, we haven't stopped bragging about numbers yet - SaleDekho also lists more than 5000 restaurants in a easy to use 'restaurant locator' that makes it super easy to find a place to dine. Oh, and when you do go out to dine, don't forget to check if there's something special available on your Credit Card. With about 900 offers related to credit cards, you can be sure to get a bang for your buck.

On top of it all, the Sale and Discount list exceeds 2000 in number! As a conscious shopper, isn't this fact like music to your ears? After all, how many sales CAN a person be aware of? If you're already out shopping and have a GPRS enabled phone, just point your browser to to know which of your favorite brands is offering the best discounts in your area. Shopping was never simpler!

Never again miss a sale - stay in touch by following us on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook. From time to time, offers may also be broadcast on this blog! Oh, lest we forget, do spread the word - on your Facebook and Orkut profiles - we're going to announce contests soon. The bigger your voice, the bigger the prize. Start telling your friends about today!

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