Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NGO in Gurgaon, NCR

Suparaana ka aangan

Suparaana Ka Aangan aims to Enlighten the World and to Serve the Humanity.
Millions of children living in India survive a life with nothing to boast of or do not even get a chance to survive most of the times.They have no hope, no one to rely on and no one to share shoulders. They live under ugly conditions and fall prey to social vices like getting into criminal activities or consuming drugs.

It is of utmost importance to join our hands strong and give the poor and the under-priveleged what they deserve the most - The Fundamental Rights. The right to food, shelter and clothing. Why should anybody on this earth go to sleep with an empty stomach or be deprived of the right to wear clothes and live under a healthy shelter.
Keeping in mind these serious issues, we have joined hands to help these people and bring out their potential. Our primary aim stands to make an Aangan where everybody grows together.

We strive to encourage these people and bring them to the level they deserve. We aim to understand the cause of their sufferings and to eradicate them as much as possible. We wish to see every person stand on their own feet and feel proud to be a human being. Converting every tear to smile is the best thing we can do on this Earth.
This all started with an inspiration of Mrs. Suparaana Sethi. An inspiration which took birth from an incident which made her believe that talent surpasses any other thing man could ever have. While creating human beings, God thought "What is it that I can give in common to everyone?". God then got the answer, "TALENT!". So, Mrs. Suparaana Sethi thought, why not thrive people's talent, especially those who do not have the priveleges. So, now things are in front of you - "Suparaana Ka Aangan".

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