Thursday, December 18, 2008

SEO: Search Engine OverView

Now today i am start learning SEO. for practical point of view i am do the SEO of this blog ie
so today i am disscus about the about Search Engine Secnario

Over View

Search Engine Optimization is the process and technique of improving the intesity of visitor at the particular site. When we do search some particular thing on a search engine , then the result is produce according the page rank of the page. so SEO is an internet marketing metholodgy for improving the volume of i feel Search Engine Optimization for a Website involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Search Engine
Search engine is a tool of software which is use for search something on the World Web Wide
there is many search engine present like that
and other search engine is
Now one Question is "How Search Engine is work" the search Engine is work on the following order.
1.Web crawling.

1.Web Crawling well web crawling also known as spider. It is an automated web browser which follows every link it sees.Exclusions can be made by the use of robots.txt. The contents of each page are then analyzed to determine how it should be indexed. Data about web pages are stored in an index database for use in later queries

2.Indexing Indexing may be define alternating process in the context of search engine designed to find web pages on the internet. It collect parse, and stores data to facilate and acurate information about any web pages

3. Searching Searching is the process of find some thing in the over all Internet.
thanks for reading and plz do some commnets

In next class i will discuss about following thing
1 Search Directories.
2 Non-Spidered Indexes.
3. Pay-per click.

Ankur Garg

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