Thursday, December 25, 2008

Daty 24 DEc and 25 Dec a good day

hi to all
first of all Merry charisma's!

24 Dec

today i got up from the bed at 10 am because i am not sleeping in night due to harsh sir. he bring some friends from hostel which i don like because he think my office is a dharmshala. so i was not in good time at that time so i hv not sleep. in morning first i went to the Innobuzz for php. no light at the centre . after innobuzz centre i came to the office ane prepare for my self to go mobile shop for submit the form of my new no. 9268710623. after that i came back in office and take a big bag and my resume and went to colleg and submit my resume to TPO office and after this i went to academy via bus ,metro and bus after that i collect some material from academy(8 cones, 7 ball, 2 lader) when i return from office icame to know something wrong with sanjay which i cant discuss here. after that i disucss this wrong thing with mahajan sir. and return to office via metro and bus and eat popcone at metro station(Rohini East) after that i do some orkut and waiting for Mahajan sir he came back and disucss something about academy and go for sleep
so this day isnormal day. today i am not talk with bakri.

25 Dec.

Hi to all once again
today is crismis day so every thing is closed school and Innobuzz so i wake up in morning almost at 1 o clock do chating with SB and nha and discuss about WFA with sahil sir and take food
after that patthu come to office
after that traveling with akash
after that traveling with mahajan sir to m2k
after came to ofice i am doing some bloging and posting and SEO
thanks for

aapka apna
ankur garg

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